Thursday, 3 January 2008

The latest additions to the collection

The latest additions to my ever growing horror game collection over the last month are:

Forbidden Siren £5 (gamestation)- Watched a freind try it for a few minutes and it looks fantastic, the photos over polygons faces didnt work so well on the ps2 but still it looks fantastically scary.
D £9.99 (gamestation)- On a recommendation from the Chris' survival horror quest forum i picked this up when i spotted a copy, for the first time in real life or online, in gamestation as new. looks interesting to say the least.
Alone in the dark: The new nightmare £Free (gamestation)- Ive owned this before but got rid of it and whilst its not regarded as the best in the series this attempt at a cthulu type mythos really saw a lot of play from me, free with d as well so i cant complain for a freebie.
Silent hill 3 £10 (gamestation)- i finally found a copy and i have been waiting a long time to play this one.
The Darkness £11 (forbidden planet) based on the comic books of the same name ive passed this by for a while but an 11 quid xbox 360 game is a rarity and im one cheap ass gamer.
Bullet Witch £9 (forbidden planet) if you crossed devil may cry, earth defence force 2017 and house of the dead this would be the result.

Expect more reviews to start up soon.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

House of the dead 2 ...and 3 (ugh) coming to wii in new bundle

First kotaku, the most reputable site i know for legitimate rumours, posted this article: about how sega announced the wii was getting a version of the acrade and dreamcast classic house of the dead 2.

In a recent article: coming out in Japan this march the wii zapper will be sold as the "house of the dead 2&3: RETURN" bundle.

Whilst its a little too comic book-ey to be considered proper survival horror its certain a fine arcade horror and one of my personal all time favourites that i would have recommended trying to find on the dreamcast, but now its coming out on this i dont know if i should.

i for one hope this makes it in the west too as buying one for cross bow training ,and then another for this means having two for the co-op play in umbrella chronicles.

curse you nintendo ,and your using of free games to sell perifierals, thats marketing evil is what it is.