Sunday, 15 February 2009

silent hill 2 NES edition, whaaa?....

Yeah, yeah, so this is very old news, but honestly, its bitchin' and still news to me. this is a "demake" of silent hill 2 for the NES, dubbed soundless mountain 2 (take that you konami copyright goon force!) that looks really good for the hardware.

I'm out.

Monday, 9 February 2009

okay, now im suspicious

So apparently the video IS legit for dead rising 2. 

But honestly this has me worried, ive pointed out that video was not impressive, and mostly recycled footage, so if thats representative of a game and most of us are willing to dismiss it as a bad fan made video, what does that say about the final product.

im all excited about more rising, but honestly it smells fishy to me, why was it tagged as fake?

im holding judgement on this one.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

dead fake.

no doubt you've seen this doing the rounds - 

-and its being featured on all the big name sites like kotaku.- but am i the only person who's bothered to notice the bloody video is tagged with the word "fake"?!?, or that its almost entirely footage from the original games opening cutscene. the rest is either frank in lost planet or some zombie character models in a casino level from some sega game thats name escapes me.
you learn at university when studying film that the smallest changes can edit anything into something new, just google scary mary or shining on youtube, why this has sold so many people is beyond me. the team behind the original game has said the "we'd like to but theres no plans right now" line so many times its like a bloody mantra.
also why would frank start a game dressed as mega man?!?
i understand that wishful thinking on the fans and slow news days on the journalists part will cause something as traffic generating as this (i realise the irony) to spread like wildfire but come-on people!, this is fake.

end of story, if im wrong good, we get a new dead rising, but i highly, HIGHLY, doubt it.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

So... quiet 'round here huh?

So yeah, indeed it has been quiet as hell. partly because my current s.h games are siren blood curse and left 4 dead. Which i have yet to get the most out of to review. but more importantly, ive a announcement to make.

I started this blog a year ago because i love videogames, survival horror has always been my Niche' genre, but i also have an equal love for Roleplaying games, Action adventure games and the like and at the time the situation i was in dictated that i had to pick my niche' and go with it. i didn't have time for articles. news or major reviews of many genres. but this blog has been excellent experience to show i can and it doesn't interfere with my work or my University studies. 
However the thought of a full ,journalistic, videogames site. By videogame enthusiasts and for them, cheesy as that sounds, was always in my mind. Never anything like gamespot was when it was still respectable, or IGN. but more like an online magazine, somewhere between kotaku and giant bomb. but with the more independent blogger vibe thrown into the mix.

Well long story short is im going for it. this place will hopefully not update less whilst im at it. but in the long run i should be able to spend the start of this year making the transition from this blog to the full blown games site. So it could be the end of one type of gameing site from me, the start of another, better one.

so look out for coming sometime later in the year.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


So i just found this on youtube, a trailer for an upcoming wiiware game called "lit", created by WayForward and released this monday. Lit is a puzzler survival horror ,from what i can tell, about two people in a vastly altered version of there school, where creatures are lurking in the dark.

So right up my alley then. honestly this reminds me a lot of obscure by hydravision from what ive seen and it looks pretty cool.

Heres the trailer doing the rounds right now -