Saturday, 7 February 2009

dead fake.

no doubt you've seen this doing the rounds - 

-and its being featured on all the big name sites like kotaku.- but am i the only person who's bothered to notice the bloody video is tagged with the word "fake"?!?, or that its almost entirely footage from the original games opening cutscene. the rest is either frank in lost planet or some zombie character models in a casino level from some sega game thats name escapes me.
you learn at university when studying film that the smallest changes can edit anything into something new, just google scary mary or shining on youtube, why this has sold so many people is beyond me. the team behind the original game has said the "we'd like to but theres no plans right now" line so many times its like a bloody mantra.
also why would frank start a game dressed as mega man?!?
i understand that wishful thinking on the fans and slow news days on the journalists part will cause something as traffic generating as this (i realise the irony) to spread like wildfire but come-on people!, this is fake.

end of story, if im wrong good, we get a new dead rising, but i highly, HIGHLY, doubt it.

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