Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Answering more readers questions

Only 2 so dont expect some big thing.

Valdoran69 (huh.) asks "did that doody ,lol, guy send you a copy of homecoming free?"

If your a new reader he, or she, is on about the review i did with p.j doody, one of the writers of silent hill 5, and no. unfortunately the interview was just a nice deed he did for me, no silent hill 5 freebie...and still a month till we get it in the uk.

Sally asks "ive seen your site on kotaku and other big name sites a while back, i guess this must have given you traffic, why not start a full site?"

Honestly i thought about it a few months back, i was about to purchase a domain and i.p when i just figured that i didnt need to. 
If you want a site like this but altogether more professional site then check out Chris' survival horror quest, a site ive been visiting for a good 4 ,maybe 5 years now.  Again its a one man show but its the real deal and theres no better competitor on the net. Raccoon city times is what it is, One long time survival horror games enthusiast who has his own little easy to manage slice of the internet that you guys just so happen to like checking out, and that means a lot really, and im quite happy with that for now, i work full-time in a restaurant , attend a university for a degree and do freelance filmmaking work, i do this for fun in my limited free time and you guys like what i post and i like that you dig it so thats all this site needs really. i dont think i will, at least in the foreseeable future, change it to a proper website because it gets the job done and suits a guy like me just fine.

-and to the good 2 dozen emails about it, no, i haven't been contacted by hyrdavision with news about obscure 3, dunno were this rumors come from that i get messages from them.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Play the suffering for free!

Props to Chris of a certain questing site for the skinny on this one. Midways put the Survival in the slammer horror game The Suffering up for free download on our good old t'internet. Its a bit hefty at over a gig, but its free and ive not found an xbox copy of this so im getting this whilst the gettings good, so check it out and enjoy!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

"So why'chu not been posting?"

Thanks to dave from NJ for that one, as usual, send your complaints to underground_slacker@hotmail.com to get my ass out of my gamer coma.

to sum it up, ive been playing a huge number of games but not survival horror, so to sum it up

Braid- must own
The World ends with you - must own
infinite undiscovery - utter trash
force unleashed - worth renting
lost planet - its freakin' capcom!
Wow- made it to outland.

i can go on and on, but ive been meaning to get into games of a more horrific variety but theres been a slew of great games for me to play lately, and im a games enthusiast first, a horror nut second. In fact the only reason i focus on horror and not a general games blog is because its my favorite genre, but also because i could never find the time for all my other favorite genres. particularly rpgs.

Though the next few reviews are gonna be more obscure games or games like parasite eve that have been forgotten by many. so stay tuned, i will pick up on articles soon.

Hasn't this guy died twice already?, at least twice?

The picture speaks for itself.

Yes, thats the one, the only, Ultimate B-movie bastard/ once leader of S.T.A.R.S for raccoon city mr Albert Wesker. Finally something of note worth posting, see a lot of stuff i hold off on since other more high profile sites focus on the same thing, but ive gotta give my five cents on this.
Ive always liked wesker, he was a double agent, so the "twist" was actually logical since he turned on chris and jill in resident evil. most games in this genre would have him turn out to be a secret relative or something like that yknow? hes never been blown up the way, say, sephiroth has been in the gaming community, yet hes easily more dangerous than he tyrants or possibly the nemesis.  no matter how many times you kill him he keeps coming back, and given resident evils b movie inspired origins thats why hes such a great bad guy.
Just one more reason to look foreward to this game, though it kinda solves the mystery of how las plagas parasites turned up in arica huh?


Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Well her it is.

Its hard to believe but the sites already been going for a year, haven't updated much, which is a shame, but ive been very busy with film school and work, but ive got plenty of horror game to get into when things quiet down.

so heres to a year thats gonna be better than last.

or i hope so at least.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

There WILL be a left 4 dead demo coming for the xbox and pc.

So make with the clicky-clicky here For the info about it. its been confirmed for co-op play too.

Now this bugs me a little.
Its what?, 4 or 5 different areas? in total?, im not sure how this demo is going to come about myself. You can give the player a level to try, like the city one weve seen a  lot of, and whilst the a.i and director engine will make every demo experience different, by the time the levels over they will have experienced a 5th or a quarter of what the game has to offer.
maybe it will be in one barricaded building and one stand off to survive or just a set 15 minutes of gameplay which pisses me off. but its a good way to give you enough.

honestly i dont know, but im a long time fan of zombie films, novels and games so im sold from the first minute after i heard the premise, but this doesn't seem like a demo-able game to me.