Wednesday, 24 September 2008

"So why'chu not been posting?"

Thanks to dave from NJ for that one, as usual, send your complaints to to get my ass out of my gamer coma.

to sum it up, ive been playing a huge number of games but not survival horror, so to sum it up

Braid- must own
The World ends with you - must own
infinite undiscovery - utter trash
force unleashed - worth renting
lost planet - its freakin' capcom!
Wow- made it to outland.

i can go on and on, but ive been meaning to get into games of a more horrific variety but theres been a slew of great games for me to play lately, and im a games enthusiast first, a horror nut second. In fact the only reason i focus on horror and not a general games blog is because its my favorite genre, but also because i could never find the time for all my other favorite genres. particularly rpgs.

Though the next few reviews are gonna be more obscure games or games like parasite eve that have been forgotten by many. so stay tuned, i will pick up on articles soon.

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