Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Answering more readers questions

Only 2 so dont expect some big thing.

Valdoran69 (huh.) asks "did that doody ,lol, guy send you a copy of homecoming free?"

If your a new reader he, or she, is on about the review i did with p.j doody, one of the writers of silent hill 5, and no. unfortunately the interview was just a nice deed he did for me, no silent hill 5 freebie...and still a month till we get it in the uk.

Sally asks "ive seen your site on kotaku and other big name sites a while back, i guess this must have given you traffic, why not start a full site?"

Honestly i thought about it a few months back, i was about to purchase a domain and i.p when i just figured that i didnt need to. 
If you want a site like this but altogether more professional site then check out Chris' survival horror quest, a site ive been visiting for a good 4 ,maybe 5 years now.  Again its a one man show but its the real deal and theres no better competitor on the net. Raccoon city times is what it is, One long time survival horror games enthusiast who has his own little easy to manage slice of the internet that you guys just so happen to like checking out, and that means a lot really, and im quite happy with that for now, i work full-time in a restaurant , attend a university for a degree and do freelance filmmaking work, i do this for fun in my limited free time and you guys like what i post and i like that you dig it so thats all this site needs really. i dont think i will, at least in the foreseeable future, change it to a proper website because it gets the job done and suits a guy like me just fine.

-and to the good 2 dozen emails about it, no, i haven't been contacted by hyrdavision with news about obscure 3, dunno were this rumors come from that i get messages from them.


Anonymous said...

Today is the tenth anniversary of the destruction of Raccoon City in October 1st, 1998.

Karamashi said...

Picked up Silent Hill: Homecoming today! And I've played a bit of it, and well it sure did leave a bad taste in my mouth and needle in my eye but hopefully, it will all be worth it in the end. You can expect a follow up, you know where.


Danny said...

You know homecoming isn't being advertised at all yet in the uk, even the room had magazine ads in film magazines and the like but so far theres nothing whatsoever.

Karamashi said...

Well It is getting a bunch of whoopla controversy over at Australia. Uk Censors passed the game right?