Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Hasn't this guy died twice already?, at least twice?

The picture speaks for itself.

Yes, thats the one, the only, Ultimate B-movie bastard/ once leader of S.T.A.R.S for raccoon city mr Albert Wesker. Finally something of note worth posting, see a lot of stuff i hold off on since other more high profile sites focus on the same thing, but ive gotta give my five cents on this.
Ive always liked wesker, he was a double agent, so the "twist" was actually logical since he turned on chris and jill in resident evil. most games in this genre would have him turn out to be a secret relative or something like that yknow? hes never been blown up the way, say, sephiroth has been in the gaming community, yet hes easily more dangerous than he tyrants or possibly the nemesis.  no matter how many times you kill him he keeps coming back, and given resident evils b movie inspired origins thats why hes such a great bad guy.
Just one more reason to look foreward to this game, though it kinda solves the mystery of how las plagas parasites turned up in arica huh?


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