Monday, 9 February 2009

okay, now im suspicious

So apparently the video IS legit for dead rising 2. 

But honestly this has me worried, ive pointed out that video was not impressive, and mostly recycled footage, so if thats representative of a game and most of us are willing to dismiss it as a bad fan made video, what does that say about the final product.

im all excited about more rising, but honestly it smells fishy to me, why was it tagged as fake?

im holding judgement on this one.


Tom said...

Well, regardless of whether the video is real or not we're still getting a Dead Rising 2; and I couldn't be happier!

I will admit that it's a little fishy that Capcom would announce the game two days after a viral trailer. You'd think that they'd give it more time to stew.

He may have put 'fake' in the tags to annoy people, so let's disregard that for a sec. As we both run blogs you must know that we get contacted by PR people from time to time, asking us to write about something or post one of their videos and so on. Maybe Capcom just contacted this guy and asked him to put the video on his channel and maybe even paid him for it, who knows? Again, it's still a bit strange that Capcom would go to the trouble to do this and then announce the game a few days later.

In the end it doesn't really matter, we know we're getting a Dead Rising 2 now (plus, Blue Castle had been rumoured to be working on it for a while now) so let's just concentrate on that.

Tom said...

By the way, Gamespot is saying that the trailer is 100% legit.;title;1

I don't know whether Capcom confirmed it was, as they just said the game was in development, but you'd think that Gamespot would check their sources. I hope they do anyway!

Karamashi said...

I thought the trailer was pretty well made for a viral video of sorts. I'm very excited also that dead rising is finally coming to the ps3! I'll get a chance to play it.