Saturday, 8 December 2007

Silent Hill Origins to get PS2 port according to kotaku and kotakus not known for posting turkey rumours , so its much more likely to be the real deal.
Personally its a meh point since i got it on the PSP, hence the revew last month, i think this might jsut be an ecuse to sell it for 5 or 10 quid more at the ps2 price and try and shift a few more units, plus ports arent particulalry known for replicating the quality of the origional, given the problems in the origional version, the screen ratio, incredibly short length and basic story i really dont think this ports going to be a good move buisness wise as it will probably only be bought by the most hardcore fans, then be dissmissed as a poor imitator, so this probably wont be a good move for climax, but thats just my 5 cents on the deal.

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