Thursday, 19 June 2008

So they DO exist!

Browsing the silent hill forum today i came across this.

Look familiar Survival horror fans?, it should. This is one of 250 Replicas of James Sutherland's (silent hill 2's protagonist) jacket. Its rare as hell and this is only the first time ive seen one since konamistyle stopped selling it, to be honest i was wondering if id just thought it up in a daydream but apparently no, my sound mind and reason did not imagine it, they really did sell them.
Apparently this particular one is being sold on the silent hill forum right now some people are getting a bit sniffy about the dude selling it but id never have the cash for one of these even when they weren't objects of legend.
Its just cool to show a little something like this i guess for the fans who've never heard of it.

Though to be honest i always thought James' coat was an army surplus jacket myself. 

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