Sunday, 17 August 2008

Is this bizarro world or something?

Not a snappy title i know, but this is bugging me.

Dead space.

It looks great, i loved the backstory in the comics, like virus meets bioshock meets aliens. i cant wait for it to come out.

but heres the thing.

its made by E.A

see, when it was electronic arts i wasn't a fan, id buy a couple but more often than not be disappointed. out of all the big companies they just seem to be the biggest whores. sure capcom will report the same game a dozen times for nothing but revenue, but what there porting is a great game theyve put the time and effort into. E.A on the other hand just appears to want to make games that will make a tidy sum over breaking even on production and just repeat this again and again. 

so its no surprise that they do a lot of ,if not all, of the yearly sports games.

but let me put this in perspective.

the last E.A game i bought and loved was oddworld, strangers wrath, a wild west fps version of the world from abes oddessy, and i loved it form start to finish.

then i got bored with the crap and decided, rather eloquently, i wasn't "going to put up with this shit anymore", and was just done with e.a

Then, for some reason, i decided to buy army of two. yes i am very disappointed in myself.

what follow was 3 hours of the most vile, reprehensible asshole "protagonists", and that word is used here looser than the 10 year old nickers of a 'lady of the evening' on hamstead heath. till i could stand no more and went back to my local gamestation and greeted the clerk with a hearty "what the hell man?!?".

they understood completely.

To be blunt ,poor controls aside, they were dicks, killing 3 dozen people who were, i shit you not, suicide bombers making that tongue on roof of mouth noise, turbans and all, and then using there "pimped out" golden plated, pearl encrusted machine guns like an air guitar whilst screaming "ladies lift your shirts" and bumping the 'respec' knuckles' was a little too low brow for a gamer who considers the medium an art form, as well as an entertaining pastime.

in short that was the final blow form E.A.

they produce utter shite to make money and thats it.

but dead space is some bizzaaro version of this were it actually looks really, really good.

i dont know, maybe ive gone senile at the start of my 20's or something.

E.A cant make a good game right?, right?


Karamashi said...

I knew I wasn't the only one thinking there was something fishy going on with Dead Space being made by E.A. E.A use to make some great games and was on top just only a few years ago. I think they might have a good game on there hands with Dead Space but still they are greedy little bitches and I think they are going for the horror/action market which is exactly whats hot right now. I hate the fact that horror/action games have taken over where survival horror games have. Horror/Action games can be great but now we are getting the shovelware and rip-off's that rush in once something is popular. To quote the once great Emperor Zombie, I say: Poppycock.

Danny said...

Man, comment fo the week, that should be under there coat of arms "E.A - Greddy Little Bitches"