Tuesday, 9 December 2008

okay, ive found it

'member i wrote how i was perplexed, neigh, flabbergasted at the notion dead space proposed. that E.A could make good games still?!?, insane i thought. there had to be a chink in its armor. 
-And whilst i loved the game and have not actively searched for such a chink  found it i have.

ready for this?

great game, great graphics, controls, solid voice acting and a.i

-BUT!, it occurs to me they left something loose which has been snagging at the back of my critical breakdown of the gameplay experience every-time i play.

to be blunt what the hell is the deal with Isaac's girlfriend?

let me explain.


So Isaac discovers at the end that the woman he came to save, the love of his life, is dead, has been since before the mission started, he saw her commit suicide at the end of that vid log and blocked it out.

okay, keep that in mind.

So the biggest problems are as follows:

1: Isaac cant open a sealed door, across a large ,deep pit there is a switch to open it (great design), and his girlfriend appears and opens it for you, with you protecting her from necromorphs.

-SHE ISNT REAL!?!, what is pulling the switch, what are the necromorphs attacking?, the official explanation is that she was a hallucination used by the red marker to get back to the planet, so then how is this possible?

2: if she is a mental figment of Isaac's mind being used as a puppet by the red marker to return it, why?

- The red marker created the necromorphs, so why is it trying to work against them?, why are the necromorphs trying to stop this imaginary woman from doing there creators bidding?

now that IS slightly explainable, the necromorphs are controlled by the hive mind on the planets surface, which was created by and sealed on the planet by the red marker, it was released and used its minions to stop it being resealed again.

but then what is the marker doing?, if it can also effect peoples minds and wants to keep the creations it makes sealed, why give people visions which lead to the opposite effect?

3: at the end, when all seems safe, Isaac is accosted by a nercomorph version of his girlfriend.

-the hive mind no longer exists, the necromorphs are all dead, or brainless vegetables.
-how did she get there?
-if the hive mind did not want the marker returned why not just send her after Issac to break his spirit?

i could go on about this for a while but the more you think about it the less the plot makes sense.

Humans reverse engineered this red marker from a black alien one. So how did they do that?, unitology came AFTER, so why?, if it looks like a carved rock with no energy readings why bother? -and again, how , what gave them a starting point? if it was just to copy the code for the necrotic polymorphing life-form why not just copy it off the original?, surely they must have done already to know what they were copying to create the hivemind to begin with.

-i can digress more but  to end, thank you E.A for reinforcing my secure belief there will always be an impossible to ignore, glaring fault, in everyone of your games.

-ah, the theory is still sound.

-still a great game though.


Karamashi said...

The story telling in Dead Space is not only cliche but relatively way too simple for its own good. Its bad, I wouldn't say SH:H face-palm, my dear god who thought this was a good idea bad, but I just hated the way the story unfolded in the most linear and least interesting way it could have been told. Who didn't see it coming that Isaac's girlfriend wasn't really her.Honestly? I was rolling my eyes in disbelief that E.A thought they could try to pull off such a lame twist, then again they tried to pull the traitor twist as well that was mockingly predictable. I think most survival horror games recently have been taking the easy route when it comes to storytelling, obviously in this case becuase of E.A thinking the Action/Horror market is a pack of fools. Which for the most part are not. I think though its easier for them to get away with bad storytelling then say a much smarter gaming crowd. That's why I'm compelled more by excellent story driven games such as Rule of Rose, even if its gameplay is a chore. Dealing with Dead Space's story on the other hand felt like having to deal with someone punching you in the side of the head every so often, just to move the story forward. Though in Dead Space's case, I think the punches pushed its story back.

Danny said...

i think they were relying on the comics, webisodes and animated feature film to build some sort of grand mythos around it.

but all you got was everyone missing at least one part of the story and going "when the hell did that happen?"

Karamashi said...

True that E.A tried filling in things with comics, webisodes, and the movie. Too bad they filled in mostly just the background of the ishimura. Also, Dead Space: Downfall had some awful, awful, awful back story to the game. Anyway, isn't separately releasing parts and charging for them a little cruel? Oh wait its E.A! Never mind..

Anonymous said...


Danny said...

sure the link to download them is here: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0