Saturday, 29 January 2011

Reader Questions no.3

Left these for a while, answering a few.

Via twitter from Daniel Ross: "you write a lot about games would you ever want to make them?"

Honestly? from a technical side? no, been there, tried that. as dull as the devils face. Never want to do that again. Though i would very much want to writer/direct a videogame. but coding? modelling? real technical stuff? never again folks.

From an email from 'darknezzzgoeff': "I visit all these horror sites but my favourites would be yours and christ survival horror quest you should look it up! (im a reader of it) but you have very different ideas and tastes why do you think that is?"

Simple, entertainment, like art is subjective. One mans greatest game is anothers piece of crap. Take obscure 2, i loved it as a homage to 90's horror films, Chris from the site mentioned above really disliked it mostly due to thematic content. Is either right? no but neither is wrong either. In fact to get a good gauge on how a game is you need to read all the opinions, not just all the high ones or all the low ones.
I dont agree with a lot of his opinions just because i have different tastes but i would definitely recommend them for sincere credibility on his opinion. Its one very much worth paying attention to if you like horror games. visit his site on the links list to the right to check it out.

From an email from Alyx Soni: "is left 4 dead survival horror?"

No, i'd say it's survival panic. The goal isn't to scare you with oppressive dread on what might happen but instill adrenaline pumping panic about what you know WILL happen, just not exactly when at all times.
This is aided by the multiplayer aspect, which makes it more engrossing when its not an a.i being ravaged by a hunter but a real life friend whos crowding up party chat with vile obscenities.

From a tweet by 'crazy leon': "Ever gonna mention your top 5 worst horror games."

HURM. Not a bad idea for an article.

That's 4 for now, i'm out. thanks for reading as always gentle internet folken.

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