Monday, 18 February 2008

Biohazard 2 romero ad 'making of' documentary

Credits to kotaku for finding this. i don't normally put stuff up on here you can easily find on other well known sites but this ones worth it i think. I'm a big fan of the works of George Romero, from the crazies to land, Ive enjoyed them all.
Ive also enjoyed the bio hazard, or resident evil series (anyone else think they should have stuck with bio hazard as the name?) and in a documentary for that on BBC2 about 3 years ago they interviewed the series' creator who stated he was heavily influenced by George Romero's living dead trilogy, and when making the ad's for the superb bio hazard 2 (one of my all time favourites and unbiasedly i can say its one of the best games in the genre) they got Romero in to direct one of the ad's.
Unfortunately they were never released over here and saw some trouble in japan as well, but now thanks to the Internet just Google em and there up there to find with ease.
This is something new however, again kudos to kotaku for this. its a documentary about the making of the commercials. interesting stuff if your a Romero or resi fan, I'm both so it was doubly as good.


Anonymous said...

Compare to Resident Evil, I prefer the name Biohazard. Not only "Biohazard" fits the game more than RE, but it sounds sonorous. Unfortunately the name seems to have been registered by a group, so they changed the name in Western country.

Danny said...

i find ill call the modern ones resident evil, since it seems apt for games like resident evil 4, but the original 3 have allways been biohazard for me.

x~Nikki~x said...

I prefer the name Resident Evil cos it sounds more like a game,but i find Biohazoard goes well with the Japanese version.I would love it if they released Biohazard on the uk playtsation,there's a lot of difference and it looks fun.I'v completed resi 2 so many times i want a change lol ^^