Saturday, 8 March 2008

Changing gears for a second, next stop dissapointment.

Now needless to say by now you readers know I'm a silent hill fan, and when a new Eldridge tome bearing the moniker appears on the shelves of forbidden planet I'm inclined, neigh, driven to buy the latest offering of silent hill to the comic book medium.

And more often than not I'm disappointed.

The ones on the silent hill experience UMD were good reads, not really inkeeping with the vibe and aesthetic of the series that we've come to expect but i enjoyed them for what they were, thankfully the one about a painter who painted murders and a school bus of cheerleaders fighting the creatures decked out in military hard wear was left out of the package.

They've never been a high point in my comic collecting fanaticism but yet again i saw a new one "sinners reward" on the shelf for £2.80, so i tried, i really tried, to fight against the urge but again i walked away with my all ready light wallet a little lighter and the result?

Utter disappointment.

Sinners reward is about a man driving along near silent hill ,he stops at a gas station with an old man running it who seems to be in every cliche horror movie ever made. wonder were they go for these gigs, the job center?, it look good on your c.v "i spend the last ten years sitting in a rocking chair, hocking into a spittoon and warnin' them no good punk kids not to go down tha' road, but they never listen".

Or something like that.
the story is another poor narrative trying to ride on the series rather than originality, he is a mobster on the run with the bosses wife, why they felt the need to add a 2 page traumatic past about being forced to shoot a dog is beyond me, they must have just been whacking each other off and been in such a euphoric state even all this cliche' crap must have seemed like pulitzer worthy gold.

and so she gets kidnapped and wouldn't you know it she is dragged to silent hill and our not of sound mind mobster has to go and find her.

I know ,Ive heard it before somewhere too....

Id like to comment on the art but there is in fact none in it. it uses prerendered character models from what looks like the Sims, they add some grain to some screen shots and add speech bubbles. its so poor and cheap i cannot stress it enough, rather merely ponder when comics went from actual art to something you'd see on a web comic from 1995.

Theres a part 2 but needless to say i don't think i will be getting it.

avoid [2/10]


Endaso said...

It's a Silent Hill comic, though, and they've pretty much proven themselves to be horrible. Choosing to buy one, I feel, is like willfully subjecting yourself to torment.

You should update more often... though I guess I'm not really one to talk, heh.

Danny said...

Maybe thats the thing though, maybe its MEANT to be this bad to be inkeeping with the vibe of the town. like a visitor to silent hill your sitting there thinking "god when is this going to end?, this is terrible".

as for updating ive not played any horror games lately, so no horror games emans nothing to post about yknow?