Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Is this sad, or am i?

Now i'm well known for saying that, out of all survival horror games, i'm man enough to admit that the original fatal frame SCARES.THE.SHIT.OUTTA.ME. By this i mean that i will walk through the whole game at a snails pace, occasionally going "oh fuck. oh fuck..." ,but just in determination to get through, never in genuine terror, more because i feel for the character.
however this video as linked above, raises a good point.
I have never been that bad in a video-game, although when it comes to games i'm normally the silent contemplative gamer who's there for the story as much or more so than gameplay.  Point being that ive never gotten that scared, and ive played just about every horror game i can get my mitts on in england, bar only michigan, fatal frame 3 and resident evil outbreak 2, purely because there was something else on the shelf in the store at the time. 
but ive played a lot of horror yknow, and ive never got that severe a reaction.

is that good or bad though?

am i harder? to scare or have i just been desensitized by an abnormally large level of exposure to the genre compared to the average?

OR- does this mean i am not getting my moneys worth?, these games are intended to scare, and if they dont scare me anymore am i missing out on part of survival horror experience?, by that i mean is the lack of genuine terror disassociating me enough to even tangentially experience the fear of the in game character and therefore not experience the game to the fullest of its potential? 

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