Wednesday, 14 May 2008

So OBscure 3 is go apparently.

I logged in today to notice a comment on my article about the possibility of Obscure 3 being made, here it is
Hey Danny...thanks for the link and for checking out my site. Yes, I can confirm that Stan lives on through ObsCure II and into ObsCure III which is in development as we speak. Hopefully those in charge continue to think I'm worthy enough to play Stan and we'll all be blogging about ObsCure III and how it's the best ObsCure yet.

Blessings...Joshua Swanson

So apparently i inkled in the right direction with that one, and i for one look forward to the next installment in the series. 


Anonymous said...

Now, just fixed the damn camera :P

-Jessi- said...

I hope Joshua You do come back as Stan cause you did an amazing job<3
And I love ObsCure, i lvoe the chemestry between you and Shannon too ;) i can;t wait to see what the two of you do on destroynig the plants!! So you got me buying the next sequeal if ya'all come out with it<3
I can't wait ^^