Tuesday, 22 July 2008

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Time for a recap on alan wake.

So there's the two trailers again. Im imagining that if you've not heard of alan wake, but being a horror games fan visiting my humble little site that your excited now?

yeah, i thought as much.

In some ways the graphics are showing there age a little, compared to alone in the dark, but the thing is this is early build footage from YEARS ago.
its really been that long. for those who dont remember or are new to wake. The game is about a struggling writer who is grieving for a lost loved one and heads to the town of bright falls to clear his head and find the peace he needs to right his new novel.
its all very stephen king and i dig that.
The enemies are wakes nightmares made flesh, there only weakness being the light, so they only attack wake at night.
so when alan sleeps he has to set traps, like a trip wire that sets off a lamp flooding a hallway with lamp to ward off the raincoat phantoms.
though they can break the lamp and stuff so youve really gotta think carefully.
the weather ranges from sunny, windswept or rainy to thunder storms or full blown, terrain destroying tornadoes.
i could go on and on but this really is a must own game for any 360 owner, horror fan or not.

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