Thursday, 27 September 2007

Fatal frame/ Project Zero 4 only on Nintendo Wii

Colour me surprised, but in a good way, the cube had a good amount of survival horror titles but so far the wii only has umbrella chronicles, sadness, escape from bug island and, well thats all i can think of right now. So its great to hear a horror game series i actually find scary, which is a rarer thing as ive gotten older and more desensitized to horror, Is coming to the wii , fatal frame, or project zero as its known over here is, for those who dont know, a supernatural survival horror in which you play a girl who's trapped in an anbandoned mansion or town, depending on the game and is trapped in there with the restless spirits of the dead. The only way to combat these ghosts is to take there pictures with the mystical camera obscura thus exorcising/sealing them away.
To do this the game goes into a 1st person mode, as seen through the cameras lens, and i think this could work well on the wii utilizing the wiimote instead of an analogue stick.
Ive allways found the atmosphere in this series be pretty damn frightening, which is allways the sign of a good horror game and i think this is perfectly suited for the wii and its nice to see some good horror games starting to come out for it.

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