Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Rainy Wood's Tokyo Games show ''07 trailer courtesy of i bring you the trailer for new 360/ps3 survival horror game Rainy wood's, no its not about an emo porn star, but a series of bizaare murders in the town of rainy woods, you play a schizophrenic cop who ,along side his split personalitiy must solve the murders, its allready being toted as A: the twin peaks of gameing and B: an alan wake rip-off, ill bide my time to catch it on release before i make my judgement on this one but it looks definatley like someone just took the scripts from blue velvet and twin peaks, threw em together and built a game around it, but wether thats the makings of a good game ill wait adn see as sometimes even horror does not make for a good cross medium port.


GlimmerRat said...

Cool info on this game mate, was hoping someone could shed some more light on it, even if its just a sliver of light.
And anything even remotely TP related always gets my attention.

Danny said...

I just hope it doesnt turn out to be a flop relying on references to get through a weak plot.