Thursday, 27 September 2007


I wouldnt be surpised if you hadnt heard of this title.
Continuing the 'Wii horror' theme for today This is the sadness site ,no it really is just a picture saying coming soon, and a "trialer" has been out for ,according to gamespot ,320 days now. Almost a year and theyve released 5 pictures of concept art, a 30 second trailer and a one picture "website".
This is appearing to suffer from "The Phantom" syndrome, and we all know how that "next gen console" fell through. Though visiting a few horror forums it appears that there has been major development problems with this project, even to the point of rumours about the company that is in charge of development involved in some kind of scam.
It's pretty fishy, but then who doesnt love a good rumour?

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